Windows in the North East

windows in the North East

With a range of styles and choices to suit your home Priory Windows in the North East, enhance the look of your home, both on the inside, and outside. We provide windows for both traditional and modern properties. Choose a natural wood grain effect that usually complements mahogany, golden oak, or rosewood, giving your home a traditional look. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of stained, bevelled, and Georgian glass structures for your windows.

Our windows are not just pleasing to the eye, but whichever style you go for, they are practical too. Their looks last well into the future, even with minimal maintenance. Get made-to-order uPVC windows in the North East made from the finest quality materials that complement your home and style. There is a range of low maintenance windows that don’t fade or warp. Perfect for every type of property, we provide windows that can be built into newer areas, country cottages, and traditional facilities too. Now, with the new triple glazed version, our windows provide ultimate energy savings.

Top Quality windows in the North East

A beautiful and valuable addition to your home, new windows are designed to enhance the appearance, value, thermal efficiency, and security of your home. These are great to look at and are not high maintenance at all. Their advanced design is meant to keep both intruders and the heat out.

Casement windows in the North East

The most popular design, available in a multitude of styles and finishes, casement windows offer safety and energy efficiency. Our casement windows are pleasing to the eye and require minimal maintenance. With fixed lights and outward opening sashes, these doors are stylish and suit every application.

Tilt and Turn windows in the North East

Enjoy the benefits of a versatile, practical, and eye-catching window design that is also available in a number of style options with tilt and turn windows. Allowing larger opening areas, the product is ideal for fire escape apertures. Tilt and turn windows come with a variety of glazing, including leaded lights and obscure glass. The sashes in these windows can be operated in two ways – the first 90° tilts it inwards, and the second 90° opens inwards fully.

Vertical Sliding windows in the North East

Combining the benefits of modern materials and the elegance of conventional sashed windows, vertical sliding openings are strong and do not require repainting. These do not rot or warp, either and retain their shape and colour for years to come. Maintenance is minimal, and replacing the sashes to add character or any other development element is extremely easy to accomplish. Vertical sliding windows in the North East come with enhanced benefits and retain all the desired features for a very long time.

Priory Windows in the North East provide some of the best window products available for your home or commercial property. Call us with any enquiries 0191 251 2999