Windows in the North East Buying Guide

When you are choosing your new windows in the North East, ensure that you are making the right decisions. Typically, windows are a long-term investment and a modern-day essential, especially as it contributes to improved energy efficiency, offers security, and augments your home value with its style.

You can go a step further by choosing made to order double-glazed and triple-glazed windows from Priory. We design them according to your personal taste. There are at least three essential steps to consider when you are getting new double-glazed windows. You must ensure that the frames are made of high-quality materials whether it is uPVC or wood. If you like style, then choose from a variety of colours and finishes available with us.

Choosing Your Windows

At Priory you can be assured of bespoke made to measure window services crafted by people who put both quality and expertise behind each of these creations. Wooden, aluminium and uPVC windows are sturdy and long-lasting. Besides, they also come with a range of benefits that keep your home safe and secure. You can even add anti-burglary features, to the efficient double or triple glazed customised windows.

Customised uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are actually a popular choice because they are durable, low maintenance and secure. There are several styles available across a wide selection of colours.

Again, you can choose the type of glazing you require with add-on features from a woodgrain effect to decorative handles and bars.

Double-glazing or triple-glazing can also be performed on high-quality window frames. Just check with experts at Priory as to what suits your home the best. A+ rated double-glazed windows up to the A-energy rating standard is a great choice. But if you go in for triple-glazed windows, they are A++ rated and of course, come with better energy efficiency and security. A top choice for most homes, triple-glazed windows are best for homes with a lot of background noise, as they come with impressive sound reduction features.

Add both class and character to your home, when you choose wooden windows. These instantly suit older properties located in conservative areas. Choose from a range of choices but whatever you choose, ensure that the wood is sustainably sourced. For instance, you might have to reach out to the right council, if you need redwood.

Wooden timber windows are classy as well and are considered long-lasting whether softwood or hardwood. At Priory we combine experience, skills, and technology to produce windows that are aesthetically pleasing and yet, encompass state-of-the-art security.

You can also speak to Priory for bespoke round shaped windows for your home.

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