Windows in the North East area

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you always want to choose the best available windows in the North East area, available at Priory Windows. We bring you one of nature’s most incredible products that can not only outlive the uPVC but also aesthetically pleasing. Product performance is superior and even exceeds the general standards of building.

Windows in the North East


Unmatched in toughness and durability, timber has a high strength to weight ratio and can be moulded into limitless possible designs. While carrying a lot of its own self-weight, it can also be used efficiently, across building structures. Moreover, Priory Windows uses construction grade timber that is engineered to provide you with the highest quality.

Engineered timber

Along with the beauty of real wood, timber also encompasses rigidity and moisture repelling properties. Engineered timber is made up of multiple layers of laminated solitary wood sections that are combined to form strong fusion. Specifically arranged with grain, movement of any moisture occurs only alongside it. The neighbouring layer resists movements in its direction so that the timber does not twist or warp. Therefore, engineered timber is best for windows as it has the ability to withstand harsh weather. A strong material, there is minimal waste involved in its preparation.

Thermal efficiency

Timber is a natural insulator. Yet, Priory Windows further treats it with double-glazing ratings using high-quality glass products and warm space bars. Thus, the insulation levels are always high, and costly heating is kept at bay during the cold season. Heating bills reduce as draughts are eliminated. With our work, you will get the original charm and beauty of timber and the modern advancements in window design and functionality. Feel safe and secure with timber windows and get the best of both worlds.


An impervious barrier is created against any moisture when water-based microporous paint or stain, is applied to the timber. Only a single coat of paint is required to renew the protective layer, which lasts for at least eight years. Up until then, it requires minimal maintenance, and the paintwork is not compromised.

Joints between the glass and frames are completely protected, as we ensure that there are no weak points during and after installation. Create a classic or unique look when you choose from an assortment of colour palettes available with us.

Designed to meet the needs of the 21st century, Priory provides timber of the highest quality, ensuring eco-friendly and energy efficient windows. Reduce your energy costs while enhancing the appearance of your property and adding value to your home with our installations.

Priory supply many styles of high quality Windows in the North East and surrounding areas. For any enquiries plese fell free to contact us on 0191 251 2999 or visit our Window showroom in Whitley Bay