Timber Alternative Windows in the North East

windows in the North East

Using the latest in UPVC technology, traditional styling is combined with modern technology to closely match the aesthetics of conventional timber windows, devoid of the many drawbacks. Our UPVC timber alternative windows look authentic and are even economical. With enhanced energy efficiency, low maintenance characteristics and improved security, timber alternative windows are the perfect solution for people who have busy lives but do not want to lose the charm of their home.

Typically, you can expect two configurations in the timber alternative – the flush and storm-proof.

Pre 1950s homes featured flush windows that came with outward opening casements that would flush against the window frame when closed.

In the 1960s, storm-proofs became popular as these offered enhanced weather resistance and could be manufactured quickly. The windows were also cheaper and would sit on the frame proudly when closed.

Our range of timber alternative windows is designed keeping in mind the features of the traditional timber windows. A wide range of configurable options is available with us as we design windows that match your home just like traditional or original timber windows would.

Here are some features you can expect (to name a few):

  • Woodgrain finish
  • Monkey tail handles
  • Peg stays
  • Lead lighting
  • Glazing bars

Some more features that you can expect are:

Energy Efficiency

Infused with double glazing standards, our windows are highly energy-efficient and come with an A rating and 1.3 U value. For enhanced energy efficiency, we further improve the window with triple glazing.

Low Maintenance

Our timber alternative windows require very little maintenance and are unlike traditional timber windows that require regular painting to preserve their appearance. To keep the timber alternative windows looking their best, washing with water a couple of times a year should suffice.

Georgian Bars

One of the standout features of the timber alternative range, you can use Georgian Bars specially designed for the proportions of your window. The windows become instantly recognisable with this period feature.


Both modern and traditionally styled hardware is available with us. Add character to your windows with our hardware range by letting us style your windows to match modern as well as period properties.


We have a range of colours for the timber alternative windows that mimic the look of traditional hand-painted oak windows. An array of stained wood grain finishes is also available such as natural wood, rosewood and Irish oak.

Weather Bars

The mullions and weather bars can be made to match your original timber windows. These are incorporated in the form of raised horizontal bars to drive away running water from the window, also strengthening the main mullion.

For more options available on alternative timber windows in the North East reach out to Priory Windows you’re North East window company of choice. You can contact us on 0191 251 2999, message us or visit our showroom in Whitley Bay