Timber Alternative Doors in the North East

timber alternative doors in the north East

Hardwood timber doors can look really nice. But they are expensive and even require a lot of maintenance. More recently, people have been looking forward to timber alternative doors in the North East and don’t need expansive maintenance or treatment like real timber doors. Besides, these are also exquisite to look at and come with the same finish as a timber wooden door would have. Wooden doors can bow and warp easily. Therefore, it is best to use an alternative door that doesn’t just secure the premises but is also elegantly designed.

Generally, fully glazed single and double doors would be attached to the rear or side of the property, and composite or aluminium doors, adorned the front. Now, with the presence of a wood effect, timber alternative doors, consumers can choose durability, design, budget, and non-maintenance – all in one.

About timber alternative doors

Foil-wrapped uPVC doors are built and designed specifically to get a wood-like look and are virtually free of maintenance. These suit all types of homes, meet budgetary constraints, and address your style quotient. Priory offers a range of front, back, and cottage doors to match your décor and mindset.

Using robust materials that are thicker than the uPVC, the doors are completely inconspicuous, and at the same time, can have either a traditional or a modern look across homes and cottages.

While these doors may complement your home, you can also opt for customized ones that emulate the depth and richness of timber without inviting problems that

traditional doors would otherwise have.

Finish and Colour

Timber alternative doors come in larger colour ranges, finishes, security options, additional glass, and glazing effects. All of these can be incorporated into the door to match the style of your home. A secure multipoint locking system is fitted on each door that also comes with soundproofing and thermal properties.

Resistive to storms

Priory has a wide range of timber alternative doors that helps you leverage the latest in security, technology, and weather-resistance. Our doors are created to be able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, as we work with the most resilient resources to make your door. For many years to come, your door will be as stunning as it was when it first arrived.


Our doors are supplied with comprehensive multi-point locking systems and built to be as secure as possible.


A survey will be carried out by our technicians to get the exact door and frame sizes so that the timber alternative doors can be fitted perfectly during installation. There are no third parties involved in the fixing of the outside door.

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