Conservatory Roofs in the North East

Conservatory Roofs in the North East

If you are looking to replace your conservatory roofs in the North East, you must choose certified Guardian Warm Roof systems’ partners in the area. The Guardian Warm Roof is a solid conservatory system that bestows comfort to your existing living space and comes highly recommended solution for newer constructions, as well. Conservatories add additional space to your living, besides impacting your resale value. But most of the owners are dissatisfied with their roof installations due to poor insulation, lack of structural strength, or even poor design recommendations. Guardian Warm Roof systems resolve all of these issues and help you enjoy your conservatory all year round. 

The Guardian Warm Roof comes with several benefits:

Energy-efficient – Whatever the season, the roof installation maintains thermal efficiency within your space. The solid roof produces low U values of about 0.18 W/m.K. As a result, you can definitely experience huge savings on your electricity.

Temperature control and sun glare: Sun glare, especially during the summer, can be disturbing, and the area can become extremely warm. But the Guardian Warm Roof’s solid tiles minimise the glare, not just keeping the sun’s harsh rays away but also saving the furniture and tapestry from discolouration in the conservatory.

Installation time: Guardian Roofs can be produced off-site, therefore, minimising lengthy installation times. At Priory Windows, our installers can provide quick roofing solutions depending upon the style, size and locking systems that you require. 

Certification: The Guardian Roof System is LABC and LABSS approved. Rest assured that you have a high-quality roofing system, which is reliable and long-lasting. 

Conservatory Styles: Create standard and bespoke solutions for a range of conservatory styles, including Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable-Ended and Combination.

Tile and Slate varieties: Guardian Roof tiles are lightweight and made from high-grade steel. They are available in antique red, ebony, charcoal, moss green and burnt umber. Equipped with a unique ‘hidden fix’ feature, the nail heads remain invisible and are not exposed to erosion. 

The slates are available in plum, brick red and charcoal colours and come with an aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the slates are extensively tested for UV exposure, thus ensuring no fading, cracking or splitting. 

Structural properties: Made from a premium lightweight, high-performance aluminium frame, the structure is highly durable. In addition, the roofing system undergoes stringent testing and is, therefore, not prone to shrinkage or any other damage that is common with, say, timber roof tiles. 

Priory Windows always brings the best to its clients. Check with our experts for more recommendations for your conservatory roofs in the North East