Priory’s Guide to the Edwardian Style Conservatory

With a proper and a well-constructed conservatory, you can add extra space to your home. Adding a conservatory is the best way to add extra space to your property and modern surrounding. There are several reasons why they are popular. First, there are conservatories which provide a fantastic living space. Also, good daylight and views of the outside help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, they help you connect to your garden.

Another major bonus of having a conservatory is it would immediately increase the value of your house. Finally, planning permission won’t be necessary. That means you can add to your home with ease.

Priory Windows and Conservatories have been fitting orangeries and conservatories in Whitley Bay, Tyneside and North East of England for nearly 25 years, with such hands-on experience in this particular craft, we are here with a short guide on Edwardian style conservatory, which is one of the favoured style of conservatory in Whitley Bay, Tyneside and North East of England. 

A short guide on Edwardian style conservatory

Classical and contemporary Edwardian conservatories. They bring home the best of both worlds. The Edwardian conservatories, first introduced as a simpler version of the Victorian style, have a modern look and enable a lot of natural light. They are a simple way of adding both space and light.

These are popular with those who look for a simple yet traditional style. They ‘re designed without a lot of ornamental features to give you a great view of the outside. The

large square or rectangular shape further maximizes floor area. In the meanwhile, the iconic form of the roof brings forth both traditional design and new architecture.

5 reasons to choose Edwardian style conservatory from Priory?


  • Most importantly, your home and garden will be mixed in with the Edwardian conservatory
  • The Edwardian conservatory will bring elegance and interest to your property at the same time.
  • You will enjoy the extra space and charm it brings to your house.
  •  Due to the beautiful period appeal of our Edwardian conservatories with the advantages of modern performance and materials, they are one of our most popular conservatory styles. 
  •  Versatility, you can consider them on all kinds of houses.

Edwardian style is one of the most common and favoured styles of conservatory. An Edwardian conservatory, having clean surfaces, helps to fill your living space with plenty of natural light. This type of conservatory most importantly adds beauty and value to your house.

The classic Edwardian style roof combines modern and traditional look. We specialise in the development of good conservatories of Edwardian design in Whitley Bay, Tyneside and North East England.

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