P-Shaped Conservatories in the North East

P-Shaped Conservatories in the North East

Priory Windows offers a number of conservatories in the North East across different styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-To, Gable End and P-Shaped. In our previous blogs, we have extensively discussed Victorian and Edwardian conservatories, which are classics. This time, we would like to provide you with some insights on the P-shaped conservatory that combines a few elements from the lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian conservatory to obtain its unique style.

The P-shaped conservatory gets its name from its appearance. The style provides owners with lots of room – that is two additional spaces – making it a great seating area, dining room or playroom.


A dwarf wall or short wall adorns the P-shaped conservatory that runs across the bottom of the structure. You can also choose fully-glazed walls here. The rounded section is multi-faceted and comes with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 facets. It is these facets that seem to add a Victorian or Edwardian flair.

The P-shaped conservatory is large in size and primarily suits more magnificent homes that have a good amount of wall space.

P-Shaped Conservatory benefits

A P-shaped extension is the best way to create more room on your property. The blend of Victorian or Edwardian design aesthetics looks great whether an older architecture or a more modern build is combined.

Link 2 rooms together and access it via multiple doors due to the length of a p shaped conservatory.

Ideal for larger detached properties, it may also combine the Victorian conservatory with a Lean-to or a Georgian style conservatory with a Lean-to to get an L-shaped style.

Versatile in its form, the P-shaped conservatory extends into different directions. Typically, modern families use the longer part as a lounging area and the rounded part as a children’s play area. The results are rather impressive.

P-shaped conservatories are high-performance structures as proportions of the main and rounded section fit into the available space ensuring that each of these zones, meets its intended purpose. You can choose the three or five-segment design and have a hipped or lean-to end roof. Add all space to the house without swallowing too much of the garden. You may not even have to redesign the garden, to accommodate the P-shaped conservatory.

The dwarf wall can match with the existing brickwork of the property or you could simply choose a frame and glass combination extending from the ground up. Create an impression of space and light when you blend traditional styles into the P-shaped conservatory and create a resourceful addition to your home.

At Priory, we also recommend security features across all our conservatories in the North East. Speak to our experts for more details.