Lean To Conservatories in Whitley Bay

Lean To Conservatories in Whitley Bay

Also known as the Mediterranean conservatory, Lean-to conservatories in Whitley Bay are regarded as one of the simplest of all, with their clean lines and modern look. Most contemporary houses choose the Lean-to and sometimes even pass this off as a sunroom.

The Lean-to style is perfect for properties that have restricted spaces or an area that is too difficult to accommodate as a conservatory. Where a steep pitch is ideal for a terraced house, the shallow one can fit right under the roof of the bungalow. The flavour of the Mediterranean automatically breezes into your house, the moment you attach Lean-to conservatories or garden rooms. Winter sunlight entering through the glass is trapped and converted to heat, keeping everyone inside well-insulated and comfortable. Customers can experience maximum space with an absolute economy with the Lean-to Conservatory.

Typically, they are seen against rectangular floor plans and houses with a single-angled sloping roof area or flat sides. Polycarbonate panels may also be used in sections of the roof to save on weight loading. More recently, roof sections are also available in Opal and Bronze tinted shades.


Lean-to conservatories are available in all forms such as all-glazed and even come with some panels and brickwork. The panels, however, are surrounded by dwarf walls. These conservatories may also seem extremely spectacular or just plain simple.
Many property owners prefer the front-edge roofing section with an overhang. The entrances, doors and verandah are protected due to the overhang right outside the doors of the entrance. Other features include:

  • A range of colours
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • uPVC conservatories with low maintenance
  • Safety Glazing
  • Energy saving

An entire area partially protected from the rains is created. This can be one of the most serene seating areas ever created for you and your family.

The foundation

Lean-to conservatories come with solid foundations and remain stable. As part of the design, even steel bases may be pre-made. The room is fitted onto the steel frame, which is fitted right on top of the plinths.

Material choice

With hardwood costing you a lot more at just one small square foot, either aluminium or uPVC frame types are used at different thickness ranges.

Walls, doors and roofs

Dwarf walling or pillars can be made and French doors fitted for the Lean-to room. A simple, flat sloping roof accompanies the Lean-to Conservatory with polycarbonate sheeting.

Priory Windows offers a 10-year guarantee on all conservatory styles. Reach out to us for more information.