High Security Doors in the North East

High Security Doors in the North East

Our high security range of Entrance Doors provide you home and other interior spaces with privacy, safety and convenience. They also serve as climate control devices when they secure the passage into a building from the outside.

Main functions of our Door ranges

While it does seem rather obvious, the door does come with specific functions other than just allowing people to enter and exit a facility or house. Besides proffering safety and security, the exterior door comes with a number of features such as keeping the interiors of a home private and providing shelter from harmful external elements.


An incredibly important feature, the exterior door is primarily responsible for keeping the people on the inside and possessions in the house, safe. It is embedded with locks and bolds and has to be strong enough to withstand a considerable amount of force. Glass is easy to break and older doors, due to wear and tear might break down. But modern composite doors are sturdy and incredibly tough.


Another main feature, without which an exterior door is not sustainable. It has to be waterproof, weatherproof and protect the elements on the interior against a range of risks.


The popularity and awareness surrounding energy-efficiency, have markedly increased, in the recent years. Therefore, people are striving to ensure that their houses reduce the amount of energy used by insulating. Alternatively, they make sure that draughty areas are minimised due to badly installed doors and windows that would otherwise let cold air inside and hot air out. For those on a low income and the elderly this is an incredibly huge benefit since they might not be able to pay the bills by themselves.


Whey people walk up to your house, it is the front door that greets them. Since the door actually speaks about your taste and what to potentially expect inside, it is best that it is well-maintained and stylish.

Types of Doors


Made up of a selection of materials such as glass-reinforced plastic, uPVC and a solid timber core, composite doors are the result of a fusion. It is one of the strongest doors available in the market because of the materials that are bound together, an appreciable solution as against flimsy single-material doors. Invest in a sturdy door frame from Priory, the best doors in the North East, also created from these tough materials. With composite doors, you enhance weatherproofing, and add security along with prolonged peace of mind.

Timber Alternatives

Designed specifically with timber in mind, Priory provides some of the best doors in the North East that stand in for timber and even remarkably resemble the original wood. They can be painted and stained just like real wood and offer exceptional thermal efficiency and security while being low in maintenance. Additionally, the overall look and feel is superb. For a traditional look with modern performance and security, choose timber alternatives from Priory.

uPVC Doors

With an excellent display of durability and performance, uPVC or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride doors from Priory are hard, inflexible, and perfect for your entrance door. Recognised for its sound insulation and thermal efficiency, uPVC is great value for money.

Timber Doors

A classic choice for your home and one of the oldest materials used for making doors, there are several great reasons why you should choose timber. It is environmentally friendly, strong, secure and lasts longer than any other door when maintained well.

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