Doors in the North East

Doors in the North East

Offering an extensive and elegant range of doors in the North East, Priory Windows takes pride in helping you choose the right doors for your house. There are four types of installations – Timber, Composite, uPVC and Timber Alternative doors.


A classic choice for your home, timber doors are traditionally functional, strong, and secure. Besides, they are environmentally friendly and last longer than even other types of doors when maintained properly. Our timber doors are manufactured using the latest technology, which locks all paint finishes and hardware for high-quality outcomes. The most accurate and efficient method possible is used to create doors that are both strong and stylish.

Suitable for both old and newer properties, these doors can also withstand the changing weather conditions of the UK.


Made out of a selection of materials, such as uPVC, along with solid timber core composite doors are the strongest in the market. These items are fused, pressed and glued under high-pressure conditions forming durable and low maintenance doors. Composite doors often resolve issues found with single-material doors. Certain properties and specific types of materials are used to counteract these problems, making composite doors highly preferable. State-of-the-art manufacturing methods ensure that the door is resistant to weathering. Even after heavy and frequent use, composite doors do not require expensive maintenance.


Another popular choice with homeowners in the UK, uPVC doors are affordable and incredibly durable. These are also easy to maintain especially when compared to high-end timber and aluminium materials. uPVC is rigid, inflexible and hard. Unplasticised means that there are no additives implanted during the manufacturing process. However, it may be reinforced with a core of galvanised steel to augment its strength. This ensures the security and longevity of the doors, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Timber Alternatives

Also known as Wood Effect doors, timber alternatives are foil-wrapped uPVC, designed to specifically look like wood, but do not require heavy maintenance. Suiting all types of homes in accordance with design, and budget, the doors can be attached across the front, or on cottages, to ooze style and class. Modern technology is used to manufacture these timber alternatives that are designed keeping in mind the aesthetics that could go along with new or old properties. With timber alternatives, you can eliminate the possibility of rotting and staining. The doors also display exceptional thermal efficiency while providing residents with high security. Your home’s overall look and feel, are enhanced with timber alternatives.

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