Conservatory Roofs in Tyneside

We supply and fit lightweight energy efficent conservatory roofs in Tyneside and thoughout the North East area.

You can improve your conservatory roof into a more elegant and secure living space that accommodates both work and leisure. Priory Windows will replace your existing glass roof to install a new ultra-lightweight tiled roof that regulates heat, is fully insulated, and aesthetically pleasing. Every product is designed to blend in with your requirements and the existing design of your home. A new insulated tiled roof for your conservatory enhances the appearance of your space, keeps it warm, and minimises dampness and condensation. In winter, you can save tremendously on heating bills.

Look for tell-tale signs indicative of changing your conservatory roof.


One of the most common signs is the building up of condensation. This is most probably a performance issue with your roof. The sealant between the glass or uPVC is destroyed.

If you are thinking that a quick fix dehumidifier should enable a clean flow of air through your space, then you might be wrong. The problem will be persistent, and it might lead to mould growth, which can put your health at risk.


Spending time in your conservatory is one of the most enjoyable activities. But due to temperature fluctuations, you might avoid spending those valuable moments. Get a great insulation solution in the form of conservatory tile roofs so that you make the most of your property each year.


If draughts are seeping into your conservatory, then it is an obvious indication of issues with insulation. There could a crack in the roof that is letting the cold air percolate. Issues with sealant fillings also let draughts into your conservatory. Restore your area with a new warm roof to contain the heat and eliminate problems with unwanted draughts.

Exterior damage

Along with the build-up of scum and the algae you may spot some damage or cracks to the roof of your conservatory. Indications are that you clearly need a replacement. The situation is also suggestive of structural damage and non-insulation of your property that has to be addressed soon before any further issues are born. Prolong the lifespan of your conservatory when you opt for a solid, warm roof replacement from Priory Windows.

Frequent leakages

Water damage and leaks are visible signs that your conservatory is damaged. Inspect the space to locate the origin of the leak. If the leakage is from the roof and not from the frames of the conservatory, then it is highly likely that there are sealant issues, loose panels and disconnected cappings. Replace your conservatory roof with tiles to avoid leakages and ensure a long life of your property.

Priory Windows is committed to delivering the very best value for money.