Conservatory Roofs in Tyneside

conservatory roofs in Tynesdie

Old glass or polycarbonate roofs of a conservatory will make it a lot hotter in summer and colder in winter. Over the last 10 years, conservatory roofs in Tyneside have improved significantly, and there are now several options available especially when you are considering replacing your old one.

Update your conservatory wisely, as finding the best material and company to suit your requirements can be overwhelming. Speak to experts at Priory Windows for the most appropriate recommendations to replace your conservatory’s roof.

Pro Tip: For a conservatory older than 15 years, you should replace the roof to make the space more comfortable and usable. The upgrade will definitely save on your energy bills.

Benefits of Priory Windows Conservatory Roofs in Tyneside


By far, energy efficiency is one of the prime concerns of any space, due to frequent weather fluctuations. We use high-grade tiled conservatory roofs that achieve a superior U-value of about 0.18 W/m.K in England. Engineered with precision these roofs exactly fit your conservatory’s individual measurements and are assembled under factory conditions. It is only after stringent quality checks that it is delivered to the site.

Various Styles and Designs

Choose from a wide range of styles and colours to match them according to your existing décor. You can decide to go with something totally unique to make it stand out. Fit multiple Velux Roof Windows to give your space an airy and open feel. Before installation, ask one of our expert consultants to visit your premises and survey the roof. We will also assess the security of your existing conservatory to ensure that it is strong enough to carry a new, solid tiled roof.


Priory uses increasingly popular brands when it comes to replacing or adding a new roof to your conservatory. A brand new and beautiful warm roof can transform the appearance of your extension as it offers a bright and light internal space.

Stability and Durability

We supply roofs from the best manufacturers and suppliers. These are solid, durable, stable, and hard-wearing. Ensure that you install roofs from a reputable company that offers long warranty periods, along with strength and support to the structure.


Our tiled solid conservatory roof quickly replaces the unreliable glass or polycarbonate roof, rather easily. The internal features, along with modernisation can also be replaced depending on the size causing minimal disruption to the existing infrastructure. The measurements constructed off-site are delivered and installed by experts providing you with total peace of mind.

Priory Windows believes in offering value for money. Easily replace your polycarbonate or glass roof when you do not have to spend on demolishing the old conservatory to build a new one. We fit new and replacement conservatory roofs in Tyneside and throughout the North East. Call us on 0191 251 2999