Conservatory roofs in the North East

People who wish to improve their conservatory roofs in the North East must choose the right kind of roofing systems to encourage heat retention. With the Guardian Warm roof, you should be able to save on hefty heating bills in winter. Priory resolves some of the most complex insulation issues with Guardian Roof installations.

The Guardian Warm Roof

A lightweight but solid alternative to the traditional Glass and Polycarbonate Roofs, the Guardian Warm Roof is high-quality and has a long life. The roof is designed to ensure that customers can use it throughout the year. Achieving a U-Value of 0.18 W/m.K, the fully insulated roof exceeds the functionality of a traditional conservatory.

Benefits of Guardian Roof Systems

Installation times are reduced drastically because we pre-fabricate the roof off-site. Our technicians take all your requirements and measurements to design the roof accordingly and then fully install it in about 3 to 4 days.

The roofs are extremely energy efficient and have the ability to impact your electricity bills. You won’t have to put the heater on as much, and you will even lower your carbon footprints.

Sunlight within the conservatory is reduced to a large extent, due to the solid roof tiles. The insulation embedded in the Guardian Warm Roof is extremely effective as it regulates the temperature within the conservatory and renders good thermal performance.

Changing from glass or polycarbonate

Glass and polycarbonate roofs come with insulation and heat retention issues. The exterior roof also succumbs to a variety of issues over a period of time. While glass does look wonderful when installed, rain and snow cause debris accumulation and the roof loses its ornamentation. A professional has to attend to the cleaning of the roof at least once a year. Guardian warm roofs come with a guttering system that automatically passes rain and snow to slide through, thus avoiding debris accumulation. You just have to hose down the roof to clean it.

Different Guardian Roof styles

When it comes to picking tiles and styles, Priory always tailors your new conservatory roof according to your preferences. Some of the most common types of Guardian Warm Roofs are:


One of the classics, the Edwardian style conservatory roof is aesthetically pleasing and appealing when combined with already present windows. The room space seems maximised, and you also receive a lot of sunlight.


Those who still want a conservatory but don’t have much space can enable a Guardian Roof with a 3-facet roof design. Allowing you to use a range of door positions, the design is extremely appealing, even for a limited space.


Where space is not a constraint, you can choose from a variety of designs. Combine two roofing systems or create just one to add value to your property. You can either add a conservatory to a bungalow or convert a pre-existing one.

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