Conservatory Roofs in the North East

Conservatory Roofs in the North East

Priory Windows brings a choice of conservatory roofs in the North East – from tiles to glazed and much
more. We have the most appropriate roofing solutions for you, regardless of the style of the conservatory
that you might have. There are tiled, lantern, flat and glazed conservatory roofing options. Tiled roofs come
with a number of benefits and are an energy-efficient choice against a traditional roof. If you were to look at
the Lantern conservatory roof, they are popular due to their ability to allow light into the property. We also
offer to replace all conservatory roof types.


Invariably, over a period of time, your conservatory roof will require replacement. Priory offers energy-
efficient and low-maintenance replacement solutions. With people looking for more quality and
functionality, we ensure that your conservatory becomes an extension of your home. We provide practical
and long-lasting roofing options so that all your requirements are met.
A number of styles and colour options are available for your conservatory roofs. You might have to choose
the ones that best go with your conservatory needs.
Insulation is also a premier requirement for conservatories due to unpredictable regional weathers. In such a
case, the tiled conservatory roof should suit you best.
Here are some roof conversion options you can consider when you transform your old conservatory.

Guardian Roofs

A solid and tiled conservatory roof, Guardian Roofs are high-performance alternatives to glass or
polycarbonate roofs. Equipped with multilayer technology the conservatories are well insulated and can
reduce your energy bills. At Priory, we have a range of tile and slate options.

Warm Roof Tiles

Considered as a revolutionary step towards home improvement Guardian Warm Roofs are energy efficient,
lightweight system that can easily replace your existing polycarbonate roof system. Warm roof tiles have the
ability to transform your conservatory into an ambient space. These are highly durable and can withstand
even inclement weathers.

Guardian Slates

Uniquely designed and extremely durable, Guardian slates give you a traditional feel. While maintaining a
period style design, the slates are highly environment friendly and heat-resistant. Choose Guardian slates for
a more aesthetic appeal.

Skylight Roofs

Skylight Roofs come with fully automated louvred systems that are excellent for day-lighting purposes. A
lightweight system, it increases ventilation into your space and may even incorporate venting options.
For all Conservatory Roofs in the North East, reach out to Priory Windows. Call us on 0191 251 2999 with any enquiries.