Conservatory Roofs in the North East – Guardian Warm Roof Systems

Conservatory Roofs in the North East – Guardian Warm Roof Systems

The Guardian Warm Roof is a solid system designed especially for conservatory roofs in the North East. With this solution, you can transform your existing conservatory into a beautiful living space that can be used all year round. Considered a revolutionary step forward in home improvement there are several reasons why you should choose the Guardian Warm Roof Systems solution for your conservatory.

Thermal Qualities

A key aspect of the Guardian insulated roof, the conservatory is nice and cool in the hot summer months and warm and cosy in the harsh winters. Use the space daily and all year round without having to worry about weather inflections.


The installation process of the system is pretty straightforward, even complementing the aesthetics of your home. Additionally, the Guardian Warm Roof system is popular with homeowners especially because it is perfect for replacing existing roofs or installing a new roof, altogether. Tested to the highest UK standards, the Guardian Roof is constructed from patented profiles and is a benchmark for other conservatory roofs.

About the Guardian Warm Roof System

Your old and outdated conservatory can be easily revived with a solid Guardian Warm Roof externally, which will blend with your home. You can relax in a modern and beautiful space that is well-lit and can be put to use all year round. Add value to your home when you provide more usability to your living space.

If you wish to update your existing conservatory, Guardian Warm Roof systems are the best. These installations can help balance room temperatures across seasons, and the improvements will be impactful. Energy bills are easily reduced, and you can save on money.

The high-performance Guardian Warm Roof comes with three layers of insulation. This layering prevents heat loss in winter and preserves the heat in the summer. Every Guardian Warm Roof is designed uniquely for every conservatory. Priory Windows ensures that your installation is sped up and in line with Building Regulations while also getting a pre-approval from the LABC or Local Authority Building Control.

A market-leading brand, the Guardian Warm Roof is lightweight and has the ability to dramatically transform your living space.

Some of the key features of the Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory are:

  • U-value of 0.18
  • Various handle styles
  • Several colouring options
  • Trims and cappings are perfect
  • Solid roof solutions for your conservatory
  • Slim frames that are high in strength

With Priory Windows, you can expect an immaculate finish and Conservatory Roofs in the North East that perfectly match your home.