Conservatories in the North East – Conservatory Styles and Designs

conservatories in the North East

For many of us, making the most of our space in our homes is pivotal – whether you wish to add an extension or convert a clear or loft. Priory Windows supply various styles of conservatories in the North East, designed by our expert artisans just for you. We have different types of conservatories that you can choose from – traditional, Edwardian, Victorian, modern, and even a combination of styles. Increase the value of your home or simply get some extra space to relax, enjoy and entertain.


A small building, or an extra room, is attached to the main house with a roof, and walls made out of glass. Typically, the frames are made of uPVC, wood, or aluminium. Nevertheless, a conservatory uses a large amount of glass that makes it unique. A traditional extension is generally, built from brick. A building with 75% of its roof made from glass or translucent material and about 50% of the side walls are glazed, qualifies as a conservatory.

Types and Styles

Conservatories come in many styles, including modern, lean-to designs. You can also choose from a range of conventional designs, such as the Victorian or Edwardian.


The building has a flat front, square walls, and is spacious. An easy to build high roof, with versatility, is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Edwardian conservatory. If you are looking for an opulent design, you can choose decorative crestings, finishes, and finials to adorn your space.


Victorian conservatories need not necessarily be traditional. They can look modern too. This style, in particular, has the ability to blend both the traditional and the contemporary. It has a detailed ridge, a steep roof, and a wide bay façade. The façade may be angled, and one in three windows is larger. In another version, there could be five or more windows that are large and have rounded edges. Both designs are extremely popular due to their high style quotients.


Based around a square or rectangular floor plan the gable-fronted conservatory comes with a roof that resembles the gable end of a house. The high roof maximises the amount of natural light flooding in, and its design is meant to make the most of the available indoor space. Often known to have a church-like style and appearance, Gable conservatories generally look best next to properties that have a similar style or homes that are large.


The lean-to model featuring a modern, simple design, also known as a Mediterranean conservatory, is a perfect choice if you have a smaller home. Built with a single-sloped roof and a basic rectangular layout, the lean-to conservatory is attached to one side of the property. Primarily, they are an affordable option, require minimal installation and maintenance, and at the same time brighten up your property, as they allow maximum sunlight to enter the space.

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