Orangeries and Conservatories in the North East – Whats the difference ?

We get asked – what is the difference between orangeries and conservatories in the North East area? quite often. Simply put, the orangery has a glazed area in the centre with a solid roof perimeter while the conservatory has an all-glass roof. While the amount of glass or brick work does not differentiate an orangery and a conservatory, both of them do come with side elevations that can be either all glass or involve some brickwork. Contemporarily styled properties contain more glass while traditional orangeries and conservatories come with more brick.

Benefits of conservatories and orangeries

Enjoy more of your garden, warm summer evenings and the perfect English weather when you add additional living space to your property, without the hassles of planning permissions. This could mean that the extension is economical and, indeed, a perfect addition for your home.


Built with a perimeter roof and a suspended roof lantern or glass lantern, orangeries also include a single set of bifold or french doors. A bespoke structure, we can also have the orangery designed to fit into the limited space of your property.

  1. Brick based structure, large windows, flat roof with a glass lantern, one side window is south facing
  2. Built with brick or stone
  3. The source of heat is a stove and wooden window shutters retain heat at night

Conservatory in the north east

  1. Low brick base, glazed structure
  2. More than 75% of the roof is glass and more than 50% of the walls are glass
  3. Built as an extension to the house with a closing window or door, the heat source is standalone

People today are opting for fully glazed extensions, due to which the difference between the orangery and conservatory is rather blurred. At the same time, orangeries are meant for smaller homes while large, glazed structures are conservatories meant for larger properties. The real orangery, however, adds a lot of grandeur and elegance to your asset. The contemporary conservatory may also include super-insulated columns, corniches, and pelmets.

Experts at Priory will provide you with a great choice of options when it comes to the designing of orangeries and conservatories in the North East area. We provide extensive plans for your home. All you have to do is, agree upon the design and style, and we will ensure the installation of either the conservatory or orangery at your home. We are suppliers of high-quality orangeries and conservatories. Contact us with any enquiries on 0191 251 2999 or visit our showroom in Whitley Bay