Composite Doors in the North East

Composite Doors in the North East

The front door is an important and welcoming feature of your home. It is best to create a stylish and enchanting entrance that can be admired by guests and passers-by alike. The core of the home, it is always essential that you keep the front door strong, secure, safe and functional since it will be the most used item in the house. Keep it energy-efficient, pleasing to the eye and built to last so that it can withstand all kinds of weather challenges.

Priory Windows creates composite doors in the North east with a combination of purposefulness and fine-quality ingredients to create a high-performance door. All composite doors within our collection have or exceed, the 1.8 ‘U’ value as per the new regulations issued recently pertaining to doors. We customise composite doors individually and according to personal specifications.

Features of our composite doors

Our composite doors come with several features and attributes, making them apt for your home.

Thermally insulated polyurethane core

Along with the provenance of the material, thermal performance is equally important. The insulated polyurethane core in our composite doors ensures high levels of insulation and low moisture-vapour permeability. Therefore, it helps store a specific capacity of heat, especially during the winter months, keeping your interiors absolutely warm. The door’s exceptional performance even surpasses that of traditional timber.

Galvanised steel reinforcing

The galvanised steel reinforcing makes the doors durable and tough. It offers better security since it is sturdier and has the ability to withstand potential pressure from intruders. Our specially engineered composite doors provide the best in security and safety for your home and family.

Wool-pile weather seal

Since doors are primarily located on the exterior of the house, they can be prone to deterioration over time. The wool-pile weather seal avoids seasonal wear and tear and keeps the door standing for long. Besides, the agent also minimises drafts and helps maintain internal temperatures and conserves energy.

Glass reinforced polyester is compression moulded into the outer skin giving the door a high-def grainy effect. This is not available with standard panel technology. Water-resistant polymer protects the perimeter of the core and timber surround so that water does not permeate into its core. The doors are also fitted with some of the world’s leading locking systems, such as the Yale and Winkhaus key-wind locks, both of which are accredited as ‘Secured by Design’.

Priory Windowsdoors in the North East offer the latest in technology in the form of high-security cylinders that provide resistance against the ultimate attack techniques.