Classic, Contemporary and Bespoke Conservatories in Tyneside

Classic, Contemporary and Bespoke Conservatories in Tyneside

Conservatories are a great way to add light and space to your property. Depending upon your design and size requirements, Priory Windows installs classic, contemporary and bespoke conservatories in Tyneside that remain durable for years to come. These spaces come in many shapes and designs – and for your understanding, we have classified them broadly into three categories.

Classic conservatories

These are period-style products, and most of them come with a dwarf wall. Some of the best materials and components are used to build these. The Edwardian, Victorian, Galbe-End, and Lean-To are some examples of classic conservatories.

Contemporary conservatories

Modern or contemporary conservatories also draw their inspiration from classic structures. An internal pelmet is incorporated, giving your area a charm while also retaining the homely feeling. Mounted spotlights enhance the aesthetics and make the conservatory fit for the nights.

Bespoke conservatories

These are designed and curated precisely the way you want them to be. Choose a unique design or ask our architects to recommend a modern and well-lit conception for your home. With our customisation, you can turn your dream into a reality.

More about Classic Conservatories


A true beauty, the Edwardian Conservatory comes with a timeless design and is made up of bespoke aluminium and glass arrangements. It comes with a simple layout but still incorporates several decorative features. Those who value architecture will find Edwardian conservatories extremely interesting. These are incredibly versatile to use and encompass a variety of purposes.


A modification of the basic Edwardian, the Gable-End uses similar architecture but adorns a hipped roof with a full-ridge height. The high vaulted ceiling adds a sense of grandeur to your property. Besides, the design is thermally efficient, functional and allows a variety of roofing options.


This is another timeless piece – characterised by architecture that comes with beautifully carved details. The Victorian Conservatory is brilliantly designed, faceted, and has precise geometry that aids the insurgence of light and air. It is an ideal space and perfect, even for day to day living, other than entertaining friends and relatives. Even if it looks classic, the conservatory complements your property and suits the smallest area to the most extensive garden.


A premium design, the lean-to conservatory comes with living space that you can actually utilise. These can be architectural wonders that look just the way you want them to. It brings lasting value to your property as it has the ability to stand the test of time.

Priory Windows provides you with a range of conservatories in Tyneside that come with a stress-free build, premium quality and offer you a choice of roofs.