Best Windows in the North East

Best Windows in the North East

When you upgrade to high-quality windows in the North East, your investment will pay off in a number of ways.

For optimal window performance, a proper installation is paramount. You might have fitted some premier windows, but poor installation will only lead improper functioning notwithstanding the amount spent on the equipment. When you visualise cracks, rotting and mould build-ups, you know it is time to call the experts. Priory Windows & Conservatories have one of the best selections of windows in the North East. With our experience and expertise, you will know why high-quality window installations are imperative.

Different types of windows

Priory Windows & Conservatories specialises in a variety of window installations, best suited to your home or office.


U-Plasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC windows are budget-friendly and do not attract high maintenance. This is primarily because they do not need sealing or painting, which significantly minimises the cost of maintenance, over a period of time. Cleaning is easy – just use soap and water. One of the most important benefits of uPVC windows are their non-corrosive property. They are extremely durable and have a long life, besides being consistent to internal temperature as they are non-conductive to heat. Double-glazing your uPVC window frames would make them highly energy efficient. Add that with integrated locking systems, and you have the most superior levels of security. uPVCs are definitely low cost if you were to compare them to other materials.


Apply a more traditional look with timber window installations. Used across homes with any design, Priory installs standardised timber frames such as the TRADA Q-Mark High Performance Timber Windows Scheme. The windows installed on site meet the same high standards as those tested, while also achieving the required performance criteria. 


Timber windows comprise of the softwood and hardwood varieties. These can be installed across period-style and contemporary homes. For those who want the most popular windows in the Northeast at a limited budget can choose the softwood, made of Douglas fir, which is both durable and stable.

Hardwood windows are made of a type of wood that is slow-growing and holds tighter grain than the softwood. Made prevalently from Oak, these are exceptionally sturdy and used across traditionally styled homes, more often. The wood, due to its tightly ingrained nature and is longer lasting.


Aluminium windows are an epitome of style and durability. Besides, they are long-term investments due to their longevity and non-corrosive properties. These are some of the most popular window frame materials chosen by homeowners and other architectural stakeholders, across the board.

With durability as its premier benefit, aluminium windows can be the perfect fit for dream houses that require a panoramic view of a scenery. While they do appear delicate, they are extremely strong and come in different styles such as casement and sash. Let as much light as you wish, into your home or simply enjoy the scenic beauty from behind aluminium installations with little framework around the glass’s edge. The material comes with endless design possibilities and has the ability to support large glass frames.

Speak to experts at Priory Windows & Conservatories for the best windows in the North East.

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