Best Timber Alternative Windows in the North East

Priory offers some of the leading timber alternative windows in the North East. These come with myriad benefits and, besides being affordable, also look like timber, giving your home the kind of feel and style you desire. These are energy-efficient and even proffer the security of modern windows. They add the charm of periodic traditional windows.

Priory Windows provides timber alternative windows across various styles such as sash, casement, tilt & turn, and vertical sliders. Our products are ‘A’ rated in energy efficiency and also possess a 10-year guarantee. Various colours and finishes are available, along with high-security locking systems that are part of standard inclusions.

Ultimate Heritage Collection

A wide range of elegant doors and windows are available under the Ultimate Heritage Collection and packed with the characteristics of traditional timber windows. A unique range of advanced uPVC profiles has been used to construct the door. Traditional joinery techniques are used to assemble the GENUS Flush Sash window. The charm and elegance of timber are captured extremely well, right down to the wood grain finish. In combination with advanced low-maintenance characteristics and u-PVC products, consumers can get the best timber alternative windows in the North East.

From the basic in sash style to the choice of colours and finish, the Ultimate Heritage Collection comes with a number of options for every home.

Choices of Sashes

Ultimate Heritage Collection offers you at least three sash options. Utilising thermally efficient chambers on the outer frame, the inside is made up of a fantastic woodgrain finish. Dummy sashes are included on all the windows, with equal sightlines, thus giving them a balanced appearance. There are optional finishing touches available, too, such as the Georgian art detailing, across your furniture to give it an elegant look.


The latest security features are attached to all the Ultimate Heritage windows so as to not to compromise your safety. Equipped with a multi-point locking system present on all four sides, there are also easy fire escape hinges applied to windows that open in the side. In case of an alternative means of a fire escape, these open up fully. When you need external cleaning, you just have to slide the windows to the centre to access the areas for dusting or washing. Simply turn the hinges at the bottom 90-degrees and slide the windows across to accomplish your work. Upon closing, the windows automatically adjust themselves once again.

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