Beautiful and Bespoke Timber Windows for Your Home

If you want to preserve your home’s traditional or tailor-made look, then you’ll have to check out our range of authentic, modern-day timber windows. Timber also increases power and structural capacity. They render ideal material for bigger windows with exclusive designs.

Priory offer some of the best ranges of timber windows in Whitley Bay, North East and Tyneside, they and have all the characteristics of U-PVC windows of today. Even they have the additional advantages of increased reliability and greater endurance.

If you are looking out for the best timber windows in Whitley Bay, Tyneside or the North East of England, we can help you in fitting the best and bespoke timber windows of your choice.

 Timber Windows

At Priory windows, we always deliver with a difference

At Priory, we make custom-made, high quality, high-efficiency timber windows that will fit every property design. Priory Windows is a family-owned enterprise with showroom in Whitley Bay. We have been providing our customers in the North East and Tyneside with high-quality windows for the past 25 years. 

Our attention to design, elegance and success is also at the core of what we are doing. Our timber window styles will attract attention and leave your visitors in awe. Our windows can be highly personalized and we provide a range of glazing, paint, stain and window furniture choices to ensure optimum compatibility for your house. 

All timber windows are carefully made by state-of-the-art professionals and the attention to detail is often provided to achieve proper finishing. Our timber windows are crafted not only to look gorgeous but also to follow the exact requirements of users. Our windows offer outstanding value on both new and conventional uses, which is why many homes in Whitley Bay, North East and Tyneside choose us.

Apart from the timber windows we also other window collections that could really fascinate you with their bespoke designs.

Why choose timber windows from Priory? 

All of our wooden windows are made to the highest standards and include the following features :

  • 10-Year Guarantee 
  • Maximum Protection Locking Systems 
  • A-Rated efficiency
  • Standard compact frames 
  •  Double or triple glazing
  • Highly customized colours and designs

Priory Windows supply and fit all types of windows in Whitley Bay, Tyneside and North East of England. If you require any help please free to contact us on 0191 251 2999. OR VISIT OUR SHOWROOMS IN WHITLEY BAY 5 Burnt House Rd | Whitley Bay | NE25 9DZ