Aluminium Windows in the North East

Aluminium Windows in the North East

Aluminium Windows in the North East are the installer’s material of choice. These are highly reliable and come with several benefits and features for homeowners that expect a little bit more than usual. Priory helps you choose and install durable aluminium windows in your home. Some benefits of these types of windows are:


Aluminium windows are sleek and contemporary in style. Yet, they can be carried off as aesthetic as well, due to their clean lines and minimalist framing. It is also the perfect choice for high rise buildings with styles tailored to suit your property.


The powder-coated finishing across aluminium keeps it long-lasting. It is the heating process that makes it much more effective and reliable. Besides, there are several colours available for an array of client tastes.


Aluminium is naturally strong, but at the same time, lightweight. Its strength-to-weight ratio is extremely high which means, it can withstand huge amounts of glazing when compared to other window materials. With fewer bulky frames and a wide glass surface area, aluminium windows are perfect for those looking for contemporary styles.

Insulation Levels

Install aluminium windows, and you can experience high levels of thermal retention. You don’t have to spend a lot of energy heating your home. This translates to lower electricity bills due to the windows’ ability to integrate elements such as polyamide break that makes the difference.

Suitable across various applications

Aluminium windows can be installed across both commercial and residential spaces. New property developments, retail structures, and high-rise apartments choose aluminium due to its minimalist frame and versatility.

Exceeds general energy standards

With U-values as low as 0.71 W/M2k, aluminium windows remove various stresses for installers. While being installed easily, it also comes with energy efficiency and completely fits the stipulated British Energy Standards. Customers can save lots of money on their bills.


For most aluminium windows and doors, high water and air resistance, are a standard benefit. Besides, the material is additionally corrosion resistant and has a long lifespan.


Aluminium is highly environment friendly and can be recycled. It is the most appropriate choice for those who are looking to minimise their carbon footprint. Only 5% of energy is utilised in its manufacture too. Therefore, aluminium combines its natural energy-saving capacities to create a greener option.

Multiple styles

Aluminium windows can be moulded to any shape or size to fit your style. You can prepare it to form a casement, or a tilt and turn or an overswing. Each of these offerings come with their individual benefits. Regardless of its style, the material renders exceptional performance along with energy, strength and aesthetics.

Priory Windows provides the best installation for all your windows in the North East.